High Basin Mixer

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High Basin Mixer
Products Name:Basin Mxier

Products Advatage
Pleased Appealing
Durable surface unites chrome in a harmony of quality.
Quiet Sound Technology
Provide ease environment for user.
Reduces the flow rate to save water and energy. For long-lasting pleasure.
Easy installation
Flexible connections make it easier to install the mixer.
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  • Tips

    HARA Commitment: 100% authentic, 5 years warranty, let you enjoy the purest water fun!
    1. The product is made of excellent copper and high-quality ceramic core. It is precision-processed, finely polished and electroplated. Each product is tested by water pressure leak detection of 0.2-1.2Mpa.
    2. From the date of purchase, the company will provide you with a 5-year warranty service (subject to the corresponding purchase invoice or supporting documents). The warranty period applies to quality problems or damage caused by poor materials or manufacturing. . The coating of the product and accessories such as hoses and aprons will be covered by a one-year warranty.

    The Terms of Service do not apply to product damage caused by any of the following conditions:
    1. Purchase products or accessories that are not manufactured by our factory.
    2. Intentional or malicious damage to the product, not in accordance with normal use, bruises, scratches or human-induced defects are not covered by the warranty.
    3. Disassemble and assemble the product without permission; do not install, use and maintain this product correctly in accordance with the requirements of this manual.
    4. Beyond the scope of service defined in this manual or beyond the warranty period of the product.
    5. Product cracking is a natural disaster and does not fall within the scope of the national warranty.
  • Maintenance plan

    In order to keep the appearance of the faucet and the smoothness of the coating, in order to ensure the good performance of the faucet, please maintain the nursing faucet as follows:
    1. It is recommended to clean the surface of the faucet regularly with clean water or a mild detergent (water wax), then dry the faucet with a soft towel.
    2. It is strictly forbidden to use strong alkali, strong acid detergent, organic solution and corrosive chemicals to contact the faucet to avoid damage to the surface of the faucet and affect the brightness of the faucet coating.
    3. Avoid scratching the surface of the faucet with hard objects. Do not wipe with a rough cloth. Avoid wiping the faucet with a wire lint or a scouring pad with hard particles.
    4. During use, the bubbler may accumulate scale, and the zero water flow becomes slower and smaller. You can unscrew the bubbler, rinse the dirt in the bubbler with water, and install it in place.
    5. After the product is installed, when the product is not used, the total water valve must be turned off, the water pipe and the residual water inside the product must be drained to prevent the faucet, shower valve and other products from freezing and cracking.
  • Installation guide

    1. Before installing the product, the foreign matter in the water pipe should be removed first. The installation of the water supply pipe must be strictly based on the left hot right cold.
    2. When installing, apply the force to tighten the hot and cold water pipes of the faucet and tighten the faucet easily.
    3. The installation of the gasket, because the gasket plays a huge role in protecting the faucet, must not forget to place the gasket.
  • After sales service

    It is not enough to pursue the ultimate product. It is equally important to provide satisfactory service support to users. There are any problems between users and Hanrui products. The solution given by Hanrui is optimal without affecting user experience. Principles, the first time will solve the problem for the user.
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